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12ON12 x RUN DMC x RT

12on12 RUN DMC Limited Edition Vinyl Cover


QTY: 50


The cover art of the limited-edition vinyl record curated by RUN DMC in tribute to Jam Master Jay and the 35th Anniversary of “Raising Hell”. The record was produced by 12ON12 in 2020 and the artwork for the record was created by Reena Tolentino, a rising star artist in Los Angeles.

The total supply gap is 500. This means a maximum of 10 batches will ever be created. When a batch sells out, the next will be created and the item price will go up 10%.

Artwork by Reena Tolentino.

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12 Trailblazers

QTY: 12


12 variations of the original painting of the RUN DMC members Joseph “Run” Simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell created in tribute to Jam Master Jay and the 35th Anniversary of “Raising Hell”.

Artwork by Reena Tolentino.

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About Reena Tolentino

artist Reena Tolentino AKA RT


contemporary street artist

The unique work of art for the 12on12 record has been designed by one of the most exciting names on the LA art scene, Reena Tolentino. A visual artist and actor, RT’s work rose to prominence after her acclaimed mural of late basketball icon Kobe Bryant. In addition to providing artwork and portraits of RUN DMC for the project she has also reinterpreted one of the most iconic hip-hop logo’s of all time with a rework of the classic RUN DMC logo, which is featured on one of the NFT series – the 12ON12 RUN DMC vinyl cover.

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