What is MetaMask

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency and -assets wallet and acts as a gateway to blockchain apps, products, and services. It is trusted by over 1 million users worldwide. Due to its simple and easy-to-use interface, it is often the first contact point with the crypto world for many.

Read more at metamask.io/about

Set up MetaMask

Peppermint works with OpenSea, one of the largest and the oldest NFT marketplace. In order to buy from OpenSea, you simply need to open a MetaMask wallet. No need to sign up on OpenSea, as the MetaMask browser extension will authenticate you automatically once you visit the store. 

MetaMask wallet works on mobile applications, both iOS or Android, and as a browser extension. You need the browser extension to shop on OpenSea. We also recommend getting the app as you can have a better ETH buying experience and can keep an eye on your assets on the go.

Setup browser extension

  1. Install / Update Chrome
  2. Get MetaMask extension from here.
  3. Create a new wallet or
    if you already have a MetaMask account, import it by typing in the seed phrases you saved during the account setup.
  4. To top up with ETH, click on Buy.
  5. Follow the steps to purchase ETH with your credit card or wire transfer.
    If the purchase fails, try using the mobile app as it may offer a different payment provider.

Setup mobile app

  1. Get the app from Google Play or App Store
  2. Open app and select one of the following
    1. Import using seed phrase– do this when you have already have a MetaMask account.
    2. Sync with MetaMask extension– do this when you have already have a MetaMask account.
    3. Create a new wallet – choose this if you want new wallet
  3. Choose a strong password
  4. Follow MetaMask steps and write down the seed phrases.
    These words help you restore your account when something happens with your device. Do not share or lose these words!
  5. Your account is created and a default “Account 1” will be given to you.
  6. Proceed with ETH purchase by clicking on “Buy ETH”
  7. Select TRANSAK or another supported gateway. It supports all major countries.
    Note that if the purchase commission price seems high, it might be due to the gas price you pay to “enter” the Etherum network and not always due to greedy gateway providers. Read more about gas fees here.
  8. Proceed with the payment.
  9. Sync the account you created on your mobile app with the MetaMask browser extension.
    1. Open the extension
    2. Go to Settings -> Advanced
    3. Click on Sync with Mobile
    4. Scan the QR Code to start syncing
      After you should see the same balance on both sides.
  10. If the purchase fails, try using other wallets and transfer your ETH from the other wallet to MetaMask. Read how to do that below.

If you run into any problems buying ETH using MetaMask or want to learn more about Ethereum then we have more information here

Now that you have a MetaMask wallet set up and topped up, you have an option to buy art or make offers on OpenSea.

Read how to buy or make an OpenSea offer here